How to take CBD oil for osteoarthritis?

The World Health Organization places osteoarthritis among the diseases that cause a degenerative process, with its direct effect on the bones. The symptoms of osteoarthritis are usually very acute, however, there are treatments to control this condition. In recent times, CBD oil has been used as a great ally to alleviate these symptoms.

Does CBD oil help those suffering from osteoarthritis? If so, in what way? In this article we will discuss these and other related points.

Benefits of CBD for osteoarthritis

Among the main reasons why many people use CBD oil to fight osteoarthritis are the positive results it provides. Let's take a look at some of these.

Reduces pain

One of the worst symptoms of osteoarthritis is the pain it causes, which can affect a person's activities completely. As CBD oil has analgesic properties, it can be effective in these cases. Those who have already used it in this way highlight the good results obtained, reducing even very severe pain.

Another benefit related to this point is that it can also prevent the onset of pain, which is much better than having to wait for it to appear and then eliminate it.

Reduces inflammation

Although it is true that CBD oil is not a cure for arthritis, it can offer a significant improvement against this disease. Much of this is due to its anti-inflammatory properties, which help to improve the condition of the joints.

Dampens the progression of osteoarthritis

CBD oil may slow down the degenerative progression of osteoarthritis as much as possible. This is greatly influenced by its anti-inflammatory capacity, which prevents the disease from worsening. Further studies are still needed to determine the reason why this component offers such a good benefit.

Promotes physical mobility

One of the most frequent effects of osteoarthritis is that it limits freedom of movement, either because of the pain that occurs when moving the affected area of the body or because of the person's fear of it. However, if CBD oil is consumed following the recommendations of experts in its use, it is possible to achieve greater freedom of movement without suffering negative effects.

How to take CBD oil for osteoarthritis?

Due to the benefits it offers, the use of CBD is recommended, always taking into account the current regulations of use. This may vary from one person to another, depending on the severity of the osteoarthritis present. Let's take a look at some of the options available.

Under the tongue

The sublingual method is one of the best alternatives because it helps to take full advantage of the properties of CBD. In addition, it takes a short time to take effect. To enjoy its benefits, it is necessary to remember that it is enough to keep the CBD oil under the tongue for less than a minute. This method is approved only in countries where it is regulated.

In infusions

There are two ways to prepare a tea using CBD. The first is by brewing an infusion with any other plant and adding a small amount of oil to the final product. The other is by using the oil directly as the main ingredient of the beverage. To make it, just boil water and add a few drops of it.

It is important to remember that, when consuming CBD oil for osteoarthritis, in any of its presentations, the dose to be used should always be the smallest one. In fact, the experts' suggestion is to use a very small amount and, if the results are not as expected, to gradually increase it until reaching the adequate dose to eliminate the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

On the other hand, the regulation of each country may be different, so it is necessary to take into account the legal aspect. For example, in Spain the use of CBD oil topically is allowed, while its consumption is not legislated.

Cuenta gotas tirando aceite de CBD
Cuenta gotas tirando aceite de CBD

Not sure which oil to choose?

Risks of CBD oil for osteoarthritis

Although in most cases it offers a reduction of osteoarthritis symptoms, it could also present negative results, especially if not used in the proper way. For example, if more than the recommended dosage is consumed, dizziness or similar problems may occur. Therefore, it is necessary to always respect the stipulated amount.

Likewise, if the person who is going to consume CBD oil uses any medication, either temporarily or perennially, he or she should consult a doctor. This is because, when combining the drug with CBD, unwanted effects could appear, being these even more harmful to health. 

In addition, in some cases, the use of CBD may contribute to enhance the medications that the person is already using, in which case it will be enough to adjust the dose used. The treating physician should evaluate the complete picture, to indicate the changes to be made by the patient.

Side effects of CBD oil for osteoarthritis

If the law allows it, CBD can be consumed. However, it is necessary to remember some of the side effects it may cause. 

  • Headaches. CBD could generate headaches in high quantities or depending on the tolerance that the person has towards the product.

  • Lack of appetite. Lack of appetite could be a symptom that often affects those who ingest CBD.

  • Dryness. This is present in the mouth.

As we can see, the use of CBD oil can be of great benefit to those suffering from osteoarthritis. If the suggestions mentioned in this article are followed, it can be used safely and effectively.

Frasco de Aceite de CBD en una mano
Frasco de Aceite de CBD en una mano

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