Benefits of CBD oil for migraines

If you suffer from severe headaches, and you have been diagnosed with migraines, you will be interested to know the benefits of CBD oil for migraines. This disease is a neurological disorder and has the same characteristics as other chronic pathologies in which cannabidiol helps to improve the quality of life. We refer to the following common features: 

  • Neurological disease.
  • Chronic disease.
  • Palliative treatments, which do not cure the disease but make it more bearable.
  • Treatments based on anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs.
  • Chronic pain symptoms associated with soft tissue inflammation.

In the section with Upani CBD oil we talked about the main pathologies in which patients report remarkable improvements after incorporating hemp extract in their routine. It does not go unnoticed to see how these 5 traits mentioned above are repeated over and over again.

But let's focus on migraines. Suffering from migraines does not mean that you have a headache from time to time. If you are diagnosed, it means that you fall into these two levels: 

  • Episodic migraine: you suffer from limiting pain between 1 and 9 days a month. 
  • Chronic migraine: severe headaches last for more than 15 days per month. 

Types of migraines

In addition to the level of the disease there are 2 types of disease: 

Migraine without aura: refers to patients who suffer from a very severe headache but not accompanied by other complementary symptoms. It is true that sometimes the pain makes the heart beat, known as throbbing pain, and multiplies the anxiety of the sufferers.

Migraine with aura: the intense headache is accompanied by symptoms affecting sight, touch, and/or language. We are talking about flashes of light in the field of vision, tingling that spreads to different areas of the body, and even difficulty in articulating words correctly. 

Migraines with aura affect between 15 and 30% of people suffering from this disease. It is estimated that in Spain there are 4 million people affected by migraines, i.e. 8.5% of the population. Therefore, it is a frequent disease suffered, in 80% of the cases, by women.

Why do migraines occur?

We can speak of hereditary disease. Genetic factors are the main cause. Factors that, on the other hand, are uncontrollable. In addition, as we explained in the article for fibromyalgia, there is no specific test to diagnose the disease. The doctor analyzes the symptoms, their duration and frequency and family history. Once other possible pathologies have been ruled out, the diagnosis is made. Now what?

Suffering from migraines means having a chronic disease with which one has to live. There is no treatment to end the disease and the goal is to improve the patient's quality of life. Conventional treatment focuses on analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs, and this is where CBD is positioning itself as a promising complementary therapy under study. 

Tratamiento con Aceite CBD para Migrañas
Tratamiento con Aceite CBD para Migrañas

Benefits of CBD oil for migraines

Hemp extract is increasingly being linked to neurological diseases because of its anti-inflammatory effect. Undoubtedly, this is why we talk about CBD. What process is triggered by what we know as migraines?

Well, effects associated with more vasodilatation than normal. The brain swells and that is why it hurts. It is squeezed between the skull and the space that contains it. Vasodilatation causes edema and we feel pain. 

CBD oil can slow down the process of so much vasodilatation and edema and correct it physiologically to have fewer and less intense migraines. If we manage to repair the biological process of inflammation, the result is much more lasting than with traditional painkillers; because as soon as its effect wears off, the pain sensations intensify again. 

Cuenta gotas tirando aceite de CBD
Cuenta gotas tirando aceite de CBD

Opinions of Upani

CBD treatments for migraines

People who include hemp extract in their routine to alleviate migraines do so by adding it to their usual treatment. Once good sensations are verified, and always with the doctor's follow-up, it is possible that, in some cases, the doses of conventional drugs can be reduced. 

Cannabidiol is a natural compound and, if you use it for therapeutic purposes, it is important to ask yourself CBD is best metabolized to get the most out of it. The best option is to apply it a couple of times a day, for example, before and after going to bed. Depending on the sensations of improvement you can regulate the dosage yourself.

Consistency is vital to achieve the benefits of CBD oil for migraines. Find your optimal dosage and analyze what happens to the frequency and intensity of your symptoms. Also think about your mood and anxiety levels. In the US, around 10% of migraine sufferers turn to hemp extract to improve their day-to-day lives. There's a reason for that, don't you think? Maybe the following research has something to do with it:

Cuenta gotas de aceite de CBD
Cuenta gotas de aceite de CBD

What is CBD?

Clinical Trials: CBD oil and migraines

In medicine there are more patients than diseases, since each patient responds according to the state of his or her organism. There are currently a multitude of studies to certify the benefits of cannabinoids. Although more exhaustive and specific trials on CBD and migraines are still needed, there is already some relevant evidence: 

1. In 2015, researchers of a study on headache and cannabinoids, concluded that "cannabinoids, or the combination of cannabinoids with other analgesics, may have synergistic effects or provide the basis for many new classes of drugs".

2. In 2017, at the Third Congress of the European Academy of Neurology, Italian researchers stated, "We have been able to demonstrate that cannabinoids are an alternative to established treatments in the presence of migraines." Patients who took part in the clinical trial reported a 40% reduction in the frequency of migraines.

3. In 2020, a U.S. trial resulted in 86% of patients with migraine-associated headache pain who introduced medical cannabis into their routine had their symptoms mitigated. 

4. A very specificonCBD is being conducted in 2021 at the University of California. The study will involve 90 patients and seeks to certify the scientific evidence that is apparent in previous research.

Frasco de Aceite de CBD en una mano
Frasco de Aceite de CBD en una mano

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