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How to prevent MS from taking control of your life? From Upani we wrote this article about CBD oil for Multiple Sclerosis with the hope that as many patients as possible will find a treatment that gives you quality of life. We want you to feel like living. For this reason, below we show you some clues about the scientific advances in relation to the disease, and we give you the strength with the opinion of customers who have introduced hemp extract in their daily routine. 

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is characterized by a combination of inflammatory and neurodegenerative processes. It is an autoimmune disease, as is the case with and psoriatic. This involves the immune system mistaking myelin, the protective coating of nerve fibers, for an infectious body and attacking it until it is damaged or eliminated. Let's go through the steps: 

The reason why Multiple Sclerosis appears is unknown, but what causes it is known. The explanation is simple to understand: The Central Nervous System connects the brain with all points of the body by means of nerve fibers that receive and execute the orders we send it. These nerve fibers are covered by myelin, which protects them. When the immune system mistakenly attacks this myelin, it causes the nerve fibers to become unprotected and they begin to transmit messages poorly from one side of the body to the other. 

Sometimes the damage reaches the nerve fibers themselves, which accentuates the severity of the disease and increases the patient's disability. But it should be made clear that MS does not cause disability in all cases. 

CBD for Multiple Sclerosis: In Search of Quality of Life

Many of you will know Multiple Sclerosis as 'the disease of a thousand faces'. And the fact is that in each case it develops in a different way, since the symptoms depend on the areas of the Central Nervous System affected. 

The symptomatology that agglutinates the disease is very extensive and, therefore, we are only going to mention some of the most frequent: 

  • Fatigue.
  • Tremors when lifting a limb. 
  • Visual disorders. 
  • Difficulty sleeping. 
  • Spasticity. 

What happens in Spain? It is estimated that 55,000 people are affected in our country, although it would be more correct to speak in feminine terms, since 75% of patients are women. It is also the second cause of disability among young people after traffic accidents. 

The reason why many of these patients introduce CBD oil for Multiple Sclerosis in their treatment is closely linked to the most common symptoms. We have already mentioned that there are a multitude of symptoms and that the limitations are different for each person. But it turns out that there is more and more scientific evidence that certifies that cannabidiol improves the quality of life because it helps to: 

  • Reduce chronic pain (muscular and neuropathic).
  • Better sleep.
  • Reduce anxiety levels. 
  • Reduce spasms.
  • Reduce the physiological process of inflammation. That is why we speak of anti-inflammatory CBD
  • Strengthen bones.

MS has no cure and its treatments are palliative. That is why it is very important to know the opinion of people who have introduced CBD oil to treat Multiple Sclerosis: 

Foto de Nueces, hace referencia a que el aceite de CBD sirve para la Esclerosis multiple
Foto de Nueces, hace referencia a que el aceite de CBD sirve para la Esclerosis multiple

Multiple Sclerosis Patients Give Their Opinion on CBD Oil

At Upani, we love to chat with our customers and establish a close relationship. In fact, if you are fighting against Multiple Sclerosis with the help of CBD oil, we encourage you to tell us about your progress by writing to

Our friend Ana Barandica has it clear: incorporating hemp extract, which contains all cannabinoids except THC, into her treatment has prevented MS from taking over her life. She combines it with lots of exercise and psychological therapy. 

In addition, he offers advice to all the people who find themselves with this diagnosis: "When they tell you that you have MS, the first thing you think is that you are going to stay in a wheelchair, and that is a stigma that doctors try to eliminate from your head from the beginning. It may happen but most likely it won't, and you will be able to lead a more or less normal life." Click on the button below to read his full testimony:

Interview Ana Barandica


Cuenta gotas tirando aceite de CBD
Cuenta gotas tirando aceite de CBD

Opinions of Upani

Clinical Trials on Multiple Sclerosis and CBD

What does the science say in your specific research? In recent months we have had news of new studies that are progressing satisfactorily. We make a small chronology: 

1. In 2018, a shared study between the US, New Zealand and Australia concluded that has "implications for Multiple Sclerosis therapy"

Within this research, a CBD derivative was created in order to have the possibility to patent it. However, there are more than 100 cannabinoids concentrated in in order to enhance the effect of each of them.  

The research provided new evidence on the anti-inflammatory effect and the ability of cannabidiol to slow down demyelination. Not only that, evidence was also found that the active substance can remyelinate, i.e. restore parts of the damaged myelin. These satisfactory results led to the opening of new phases of research, with Spanish involvement: 

2. In 2021, plans to carry out the next stage of the previous study, "with the illusion of seeing closer and closer the possibility that a drug "made in Córdoba" can be used in patients", declared the researcher Eduardo Muñoz Blanco.

Apart from these recent specific studies on cannabidiol and Multiple Sclerosis, there are other studies focused on symptoms that are common in MS. For example: 

3. In a study conducted in Italy, between 2014 and 2015, with 1,534 Multiple Sclerosis patients, it was concluded that, after incorporating cannabidiol to treatment .9% of participants reported a significant reduction in muscle spasms and cramps.

Cuenta gotas de aceite de CBD
Cuenta gotas de aceite de CBD

What is CBD?


1. Association of people with Multiple Sclerosis in Spain, to learn and exchange information about the evolution of the disease and its treatments. 

Clinic: composed of a multidisciplinary team of doctors and researchers, united by the sincere opinion that Cannabis Sativa L has countless possible therapeutic uses.

3. Science News: science media in which research on cannabidiol and MS was reported.

4. Studies linked in the 'clinical trials on Multiple Sclerosis and CBD' section of this article.

Frasco de Aceite de CBD en una mano
Frasco de Aceite de CBD en una mano

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