Mejora tu día a día de manera natural con nuestros aceites de cbd

Aren't you wondering which Luna to choose 🌕 🌙 ⚪ We make it easy for you.


Guía de uso

Escoger tu porcentaje ideal con nuestro recomendador. Usar el aceite 3 veces al día para un mejor resultado. Comenzar con pocas gotas e ir subiendo poco a poco en función de las necesidades de cada uno. Si usas más de 7 gotas por toma de Luna Nueva o Luna Creciente, es el momento de subir de porcentaje


¿Cuántas gotas uso?

Empieza usando pocas gotas de aceite de cbd hasta encontrar tu cantidad mínima ideal. Más gotas no es más efecto: Usando más gotas no van a obtener un mayor efecto, pero la clave de este producto es usar la dosis mínima efectiva para cada persona.
Por eso es tan importante empezar por poco e ir subiendo hasta que cada persona encuentre la dosis ideal para ella. Más gotas de las que tu cuerpo necesita podría provocar el efecto contrario. La gráfica es orientativa, no es igual para todas las personas
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A better way to feel better thanks to cbd oil

As you have seen, at UPANI we sell CBD oils. However, what is really important is not what we sell, but how we do it and how it can help you.

We do not want to persuade you to buy CBD oil if you really do not understand what we are showing you. We have no secrets, everything we know about the product we show it to you so that you can decide.

Just as the lunar phases interfere with the tides, they also interfere with our state of mind. At UPANI we have taken the liberty of appropriating this concept to transfer it to our CBD oils and speak positively. The lunar phases are a metaphor to measure our ailments, our worries or our problems.

We speak in the first person when we refer to rest better, to relax, to fight against menstrual pain or against chronic pain. We, like you, have also been through it.

CBD oil has as many benefits as you can imagine. As we have been transferring to you, it is a product that is used as a natural remedy to combat insomnia, depression, pain or anxiety and that has antioxidant, analgesic, anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory properties.

Like the phases of the moon, our product influences you but does not dominate you. It is not addictive, it has no contraindications and it is completely natural. Each person is a world and has their own moon, you just have to know which one is yours.

The big problem that you can have when buying CBD oil is its lack of knowledge, but we are here to explain everything you need to know about it and how it can help you in your day to day life.

How is the Upani oil?

Before purchasing CBD oil, we recommend that you check if they are, as in our case, vegan, 100% natural, 100% organic and, of course, have 0% THC.

Upani oil is not genetically modified, nor does it contain gluten, so celiac people can also take it.

As if this were not enough, and if you have not yet decided to buy CBD oil, you may be interested to know that it is free of preservatives, additives, insecticides, pesticides, heavy metals or herbicides and, of course, allergens.

Where should I keep it and how long does it last open?

We recommend keeping our jars in cool, dark places. One of the best ways to preserve it is by keeping it in the fridge and/or protecting it from direct light, moisture and heat. Once you have opened your bottle, it is advisable to use it within a period of two months. However, I can last up to 2 years without being opened.

Why did we choose our oils to be Broad Spectrum?

If you want to buy the best CBD oil, you have to know that there are three different types:Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and Isolate. The first of them contains all the cannabinoids, including THC. Isolate, meanwhile, only contains CBD.

However, the Broad Spectrum contains all the cannabinoids acting on each other, which makes the effect much more consistent and effective. However, we remove only the THC, making it a much safer product to use.

If you want to know more about why we use Broad Spectrum before buying CBD oil,here We explain it in more detail.

If you still have doubts after this information, write us by chat or an email and we will be happy to advise you in a personalized way.